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In 1996, Ibu Hartini Hartarto recognized the burgeoning talent and growing fashion interest among Indonesian youth. To provide them with a platform for professional fashion education and to enable them to compete on a global stage, she introduced ESMOD to Jakarta. This pioneering move laid the foundation for a dynamic journey in the realm of fashion education. Today, ESMOD Jakarta is under the guidance of Ibu Maya Dewi Hartarto.

ESMOD, as a global fashion education leader, now extends its influence across 15 countries with a network of 23 different schools. ESMOD Jakarta stands as a prominent fashion design institution in Indonesia, dedicated to nurturing creative talents and shaping the fashion industry's future. With a strong commitment to excellence and a harmonious blend of French heritage and Indonesian culture, ESMOD Jakarta offers a comprehensive array of fashion design programs.


Our programs provide students with the knowledge and skills to design and create a diverse range of fashion items, from luxury goods to men's, women's, children's fashion, and lingerie. We empower our students to bring their fashion visions to life, guiding them through the entire process, from conceptualization to the grand runway.

What sets ESMOD Jakarta apart is its unique strength in connecting students with key players in the fashion industry through various events, including annual showcases such as the Creative Show and Fashion Art+Vibes. The institution also organizes fashion design competitions, offering aspiring designers the platform to exhibit their talents.

With ESMOD Jakarta, you'll gain a distinctive fashion perspective, enriched with a French twist and a deep appreciation for Indonesia's cultural heritage. Our mission is to provide students with a comprehensive education encompassing both technical and artistic aspects of fashion. This ensures they graduate with a holistic understanding of the industry, poised to design and create clothing and accessory collections, with the option to specialize in their chosen market.

At ESMOD Jakarta, we offer an array of opportunities for aspiring fashion designers. Unleash your creative potential, refine your skills, and connect with a global network of fashion enthusiasts. Join us in shaping the future of the fashion world today!"

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