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At ESMOD Jakarta, we take pride in our proactive approach to connecting our students with influential figures in the fashion industry. We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom, and real-world exposure is crucial in preparing our students for success in the competitive fashion landscape. To this end, we actively engage our students in a myriad of fashion events, including but not limited to grand fashion shows and exhilarating competitions.

One of the most anticipated highlights in our calendar is the annual "Creative Show" and "Fashion Art+Vibes" event, powered by ESMOD Jakarta. This extravaganza spans two days and serves as a spectacular platform for our students and alumni to exhibit their remarkable talents. The event seamlessly blends various forms of artistic expression, including fashion shows that unveil cutting-edge designs, captivating art installations that intrigue and inspire, and soul-stirring music performances. Through this event, we celebrate the convergence of fashion, art, and music, fostering a creative environment that ignites the imagination and transcends traditional boundaries.

But our commitment to nurturing talent goes even further. ESMOD Jakarta organizes a series of fashion design competitions, open to anyone with a passion for fashion design. These competitions provide a stage for budding designers to demonstrate their skills and ingenuity. It is our way of encouraging emerging talent and supporting the dreams of those who aspire to leave their mark in the fashion industry.

The result is a vibrant, inspiring, and dynamic community of students who have access to invaluable opportunities to showcase their creativity, network with industry professionals, and build their careers. At ESMOD Jakarta, we believe in learning by doing, and these events are a testament to our dedication to shaping the future of fashion by empowering and celebrating the talent that passes through our doors.

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