How to Find Your Personal Blog Writing Class

Tentang Kelas


3 Session
4 Hrs / Day | Total 12 Hrs


10 orang




ESMOD Jakarta Course Center

Blogs are such a versatile platform and means of expression that they’re the perfect tool to find your personal style and an easy way to share it with the world.


Develop the habit of writing daily and create a blog with your own voice that engages your readers.

Materi Kelas

>> Introduction of the Teacher and introduces to the writers that have had the biggest influence on theirĀ  personal style.


>> History of Blog, where it comes from and how it works


>> Analyze different types and formats


>> Find the one that best suits your creative goals.


>> Explore the key concepts of personal narrative and style.


>> The pros and cons of the three most popular platforms and choose your favourite


>> The rules of the game: decide what you want to write, and how, why, when, and how often you’re going to do so


>> Against creative block: Tricks to unblock your creativity when it seems like you’re running out of ideas.


>> Differentiate between a personal diary and a personal blog and work on weaving a coherent thread through your content.


>> Create a blog that acts as a single narrative piece.


>> Tips on how to captivate your readers and share your blog page with the world.




3 Session | 4 Hrs- Day | Total 12 Hrs

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