ESMOD Jakarta Introduced Sustainability Fashion Business Opportunities at Open House

February 18

ESMOD Jakarta held an open house on February 15, 2020 and the topic was “ Opportunity in the Sustainability Era”. Apart from presenting details of the ESMOD Jakarta programs, ESMOD Jakarta introduced the concept of sustainability in the fashion business. This can be seen from the activities conducted at the open house, ranging from the talk show about business opportunities in sustainability, upcycling workshops, and a mini fashion show from the collection of ESMOD Jakarta’s young designers who adapted the concept of sustainability. At the Open House, visitors got an opportunity to listen to talk show by speakers who had the same vision of creating sustainable fashion products, like Febryan Tricahyo from Conture Concrete Lab, Clara Ardi from Lenzing South East Asia, and Natalia Gunarian from ESMOD Jakarta. These three speakers explained the various methods of integrating friendly environment and business, there by not only gaining profit, but also keeping in mind environment sustainability. After the talk show, ESMOD Jakarta held an upcycling workshop, where participants could create tote bags using t-shirts as materials. These tote bags, apart from being multi-functional, looked unique and stylish. Later ESMOD Jakarta showcased collections of ESMOD Jakarta’s young designers who used the concept of sustainability at a mini fashion show. This campaign for fashion sustainability has indeed become an important issue for ESMOD Jakarta since 2019, and can be seen in the fashion shows which ESMOD Jakarta participated in by bringing sustainable collections, namely at the Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival 2019 and Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week 2019. ESMOD Jakarta will solemnly continue with its campaign for sustainable fashion in the upcoming events. Stay tuned for more information on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also leave us any questions here, we will contact you immediately.