September 03

After getting a Bachelor Degree in Fashion, it is easy to get complacent. However, the words of a great designer, will throw complacence out of the window and make one think and think again to  move on….

Says Coco Chanel…

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only, Fashion is in the sky, In the street,

Fashion has to do with ideas, The way we live, What is happening….

Focus on this, and  I am sure you are already saying ..What Next”

A student of Fashion can be a Designer – the question is do you want to be just a designer or a designer with a difference – someone special – then there is a need for extra special skills.  A Master Degree in Fashion would give one an edge over others in the profession.

It is a well known fact that fashion keeps  on changing and we need to move with the pace. Countries are competing with each other to deal with innovative, improvised and unique creative designs in the fashion industry. The range is wide and inconceivable.

A Master Degree in Design will help one gain:

  • Project Knowledge,
  • Develop creativity in Textiles and Design
  • Create sustainable products in keeping with the current trends
  • Explore the rich culture and heritage of Indonesia and research the scope for enhancing fashion creativity.
  • Come up with a totally new product

The list is endless and with a Master Degree not only will there be an enhancement in status, you will also  have  many opportunities in store for development.

The Master Degree  focuses on research and  opens the door for students to start practicing on professional projects in collaboration with leading firms in the fashion industry.

Personal motivation is the key to develop competence – so what are you waiting for?  Avail of an excellent opportunity and join the ITB Master Degree in Design – a collaboration with Esmod Jakarta.

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