July 26

Would you like to make clothes that actually fit on you? Do you want to make your own design to be real pattern? Then learn the techniques of pattern drafting and sewing with your own measurements to create model that fit your body perfectly.

ESMOD Jakarta will be held an Open Campus “Tour De Classe” on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019. So what’s inside?

1. Pattern Drafting Class

In this session you will learn basic pattern making and make pat0tern design as your creativity.

2. Sewing Class

You can try to use sewing machine for making fragment or small pieces of your pattern.

And what makes it even exciting is you can join our fun activity to decorate a tote bag! So, you can create your own personalized tote bag based on your creativity.

Why you have to come to ESMOD Jakarta Open Campus “Tour De Classe”? Because, ESMOD Jakarta is a fashion school that has been established since 1996 with many experiences in fashion design. ESMOD Jakarta has many professional teachers that will be your mentor during your fashion study.

ESMOD Jakarta will gives you a guidance on different methods, technologies and ideas to push your work to the best it can be.

Spend your weekend to try a one day experience as Fashion Designer on ESMOD Jakarta Open Campus “Tour De Classe” to know more about what to learn in fashion school and see the masterpieces yourself!

SAVE YOUR SEAT AND DON’T MISS OUT! For further information, contact us by click here