ESMOD Jakarta Introduced Sustainable Fashion at the Open House

November 22

Plastic waste can endanger the environment. Not only is it difficult to recycle, the use of plastic increases waste that has the potential to pollute the environment.

ESMOD Jakarta has shown its concern for environmental preservation by making sustainable materials a part of fashion. This can be seen from the several collections of ESMOD Jakarta Alumni on display in August at JFFF 2019.

In addition ESMOD Jakarta held an Open House on November 16, 2019. This event was entitled “Sustainable Fashion, Create Innovation” and guests were introduced to sustainable fashion by ESMOD Jakarta.

Various activities were arranged at the event which took place at ESMOD Jakarta. We have also had several campaigns to reduce the use of plastic. At this  event, two ESMOD Jakarta alumni – Ryan Tjendana and Gisella Jizeru shared the use of zero waste patterns used in their collections.

This was not only a talk show, and the event was even more lively with some activities, making outer with zero-waste pattern techniques and packaging from cardboard boxes. The participants looked enthusiast working to help support the preservation of the environment. The participants who presented  the best work were given attractive prizes from ESMOD Jakarta. There was also a presentation of collections designed by young designers from the class of 2019.

ESMOD Jakarta always presents fun activities  at the Open House. One such event was the Open House held last August. So, for those of you who haven’t had the chance to come to the ESMOD Jakarta Open House event, don’t forget to follow the latest info via ESMOD Jakarta’s Instagram and Twitter.