August 07

“if you feel good then you look good” – Alika Islamadina

Jakarta X Beauty 2019 was successfully held on 26-28 July 2019. Many beauty enthusiasts attended this annual event by Female Daily. Jakarta X Beauty has been held for 3 years and this year Jakarta X Beauty 2019 held a campaign: ‘Unleash #YourBeautyPower’ to appreciate women’s strength and to express their beauty power.

To support this campaign, ESMOD Jakarta also participated in the workshop: How to Maximize Your Wardrobe with Alika Islamadina by Style Theory. The workshop was held at Beauty Hall on the 8th floor of Senayan City. Alika Islamadina, a musician and fashion influencer was chosen as the speaker. Style Theory, an online fashion rental platform also joined the workshop to give advice about how to mix and match to create economically sustainable fashion choices.

The workshop began with a talkshow by Alika and Style Theory about wardrobe that fits the body. You should make sure your outfit is suitable for your body shape. For example, if you have a square body shape, you can wear peplum top or ruffle dress to highlight your body shape or if you have a skinny body, you can wear the loose fitting clothes to make your body shape seem more balanced. The workshop then went on to a styling session – the audience could choose 2 or 3 clothes that were provided by Style Theory, then they had to mix and match to make it a catchy outfit. In this session, the audience could discuss the matching outfit with Alika and Style Theory. After this, Alika and Style Theory gave their opinion about the style that was made by the audience.

At the workshop, Alika and Style Theory said that the audience had to explore their style using their imagination, mix and match their own clothes with trendy items, so as to maximize their style without buying new clothes. And if they wanted to know more on how to maximize their wardrobe, they should also learn about fashion by enrolling in a reputed fashion school and study fashion to acquire more acknowledge about fashion.

ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Design and International Business School is the answer for all your questions in fashion as ESMOD Jakarta has been established for more than 20 years in Jakarta and have well known and reputed Alumni who are successful in the fashion industry. So, now you have an opportunity not only to maximize your own wardrobe, but become a FASHION STYLIST in the future!