Fashion Schools – are they the prerogative of women?

article by KOOL KOMMENTS in news - August 14

We live in a changing world. Fashion education was never singled out for women. The western world has from the beginning considered Fashion as a great career for both men and women. However, the eastern hemisphere is taking a bit longer to reach there. Some parents are still inhibited about sending their boys to study fashion. Everyone is aware that the worlds most famous and renowned Designers have been Men. There are many Women who have made it too in the Fashion world. In today’s world where the accent is on “UNI” considering fashion education as a woman’s prerogative is quite outdated.

Today both men and women are fashion conscious. Fashion design has become the most popular subject for a freshman’s major in fashion schools abroad. Colleges and universities are offering stellar fashion business, marketing, styling and technology programs. The demand for fashion careers is growing by the day. There is also a huge demand for Islamic apparel, featuring variations on traditional headscarves and long flowing dresses for women. And for men – robes or shirts embroidered with religious motifs have become popular.

Who says fashion schools are only for women. “We want our students to make unique designs and become leaders in modest fashion” says Deden Siswanto who founded the Islamic Fashion Institute nearly three years ago.

The challenges the fashion world offers today and the opportunities should be explored both by men and women together. There is a lot available out there, so all of you who have a feel for fashion rush and get your piece of the cake.

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