ESMOD Jakarta’s Collections theme “Embracing Diversity” at Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week 2019

October 02

Ethnicity, religion, and race are sensitive issues that make a difference in relationships. So, ESMOD Jakarta, a fashion school well known for its achievements through the years also embraced this opportunity to showcase differences through its fashion show at Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week (PIMFW) held on September 24, 2019. ESMOD Jakarta’s fashion show was on the second day of PIMFW.  The show began with a brief performing arts presentation by ESMOD Jakarta students with their mouths taped and hands tied symbolizing the differences between them. Their loosely  tied hands  symbolised a celebration of freedom.

There were at least 16 young and talented designers from ESMOD Jakarta who showcased their collections on the runway. The 16 designers were Siti Asrini, Likke Tanjung, Wulan Arissa, Meidy Vinola, Renata Stephani, Yolivia Krisdianti, Giovani Natalie, Ryan Tjendana, Syarifah Aminah, Helen Christina, Andi Zafirah Ghassani, Vera Rahmadayanti, Indira Febriany, Michael Simiadi, Varaya Mahlianiza, and Eyelyn Tamara Wisesa – all from the Class of 2018 & 2019 ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Design & Creation Program.

Several collections experimented with sustainable materials which are eco-friendly.  ESMOD Jakarta feels obliged to be responsible for saving the natural resources. This is not the first time that ESMOD Jakarta displayed its sustainable collections. Earlier the young and talented designers from ESMOD Jakarta presented sustainable collections at the  Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2019. To know more about  ESMOD Jakarta collections, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and also our Facebook Page.