October 10

ESMOD Jakarta, the leader in Fashion Education in South East Asia has launched a scholarship program to provide the skills of basic sewing and pattern drafting to underprivileged Indonesian women and children over the age of 15. We are happy to announce that the response has been very good both from the sponsors and the participants. Women’s International Club Jakarta and Kiddo Creative are the pioneer sponsors of the program.

Here’s what the two recent ESMOD Jakarta scholarship students have to say:


“After I finished the scholarship program at ESMOD Jakarta Course Center, I received a lot of orders. Thank God I received a lot of orders since graduating and more and more customers come to me. I would like to thank ESMOD Jakarta for the knowledge I got, which is very useful. Thank you ESMOD Jakarta for the opportunity,“ said Shanti Susanti, Housewife.

“Right  now I am working on a party dress project and kebaya for graduation, all using the patterns I learned at ESMOD Jakarta. There have been so many good changes after I completed my course. I am very grateful for what I received,” Reby Yolanda, SMK graduate.

This is an excellent opportunity for interested persons to sponsor and support a worthy cause,  namely assisting underprivileged Indonesian women and youth over the age of 15 to gain a skill.

Please contact us at or 08788-9999-181(WhatsApp) or call at 0816759187 for further information. We look forward to your participation.

Thank you and well done, Santi and Reby!