ESMOD Jakarta Orientation Day 2019

August 27

ESMOD Jakarta held the Orientation Day on 22-23 August, 2019 to introduce new students who registered with ESMOD Jakarta. All the new students from the  3 Year Programs were present at this event. The event commenced with Patrice Desilles – Academic Program Manager ESMOD Jakarta presenting ESMOD Jakarta to the new students. This was followed by a presentation by the Senate about Senate activities, upcoming events, and activities during orientation days.

After this the class tours began assisted by the homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher explained the calendar of events and projects at ESMOD Jakarta to the students. One of the students mentioned that she could not wait to start projects with ESMOD because it seemed  so fun!The second day seemed to be greater as students arrived at ESMOD Jakarta in unique and stylish wear! Here is where they would find their creativity and place in fashion. 

The students also joined the games called #ESMODJakartaNextTopModel and each group  presented their creation in a show. The students had to make up their style with some items from the Senate.. All the students looked so happy because they could create their own fashion style. There was one group who admitted that they were so grateful to be able to  join ESMOD Jakarta because the orientation day was indeed delightful.

After lunch break, the students got a mini project to utilize old newspapers to make a stylish outfit. You can see how the students did their first projects, it was so creative, right?! After that, they also presented their creations in a fashion show. 

ESMOD Jakarta constantly provides some enjoyable event for their students. Not only  class activities, but also extracurricular activities, like workshops and fashion shows. To know more about other activities at ESMOD Jakarta, you can get closer to us by following our Instagram @esmodjakarta.