ESMOD Jakarta Open Campus “Tour de Classe: One Day as a Fashion Designer”

August 06

ESMOD Jakarta Open Campus “Tour de Classe: One Day as a Fashion Designer” was held  on August 3, 2019.  More than 50 participants attended  this event. It began with a presentation of  ESMOD Jakarta – the Leader in Fashion Education in South East Asia –  to introduce the audience to ESMOD Jakarta programs in Fashion Design and Creation  and International Fashion Business. Esmod Jakarta is a reputed fashion school and provides the best in fashion education, having 23 years of experience in this field

If your passion is to become a Fashion Designer, you need to learn about fashion design.  Join the experts in fashion at Esmod Jakarta. Get to learn the finer points of Pattern Drafting from our professionally trained Instructors. Work on our mannequin to get the perfect fit either by draping or molding. The tips on how to sew with a difference will be all yours with our special sewing techniques as well. To know more about ESMOD Jakarta  do come along and visit our school at Jl Asem Dua 3-5, Cipete or contact our School Ambassadors here and they will guide you along.

The agenda included a workshop to embellish tote bags. The audience was  separated into two groups and each group worked on how to decorate tote bags with some varied patches of material.  The audience looked extremely happy and enthusiastic to make beautiful tote bags which looked very attractive and were useful too. After they finished the project, the Jury chose 3 tote bags – the  most creative – and they were the winners. The winners were announced and they received special and exclusive prizes from ESMOD Jakarta.

The participants were very  happy to visit ESMOD Jakarta Open Campus “Tour de Classe: One Day as a Fashion Designer”. In fact one of the attendants, named Inafilah – a post graduate Senior High School student said that she was so pleased to come to this event even though she came from Depok which is quite  far from Cipete.

“It was so much fun, as  I could fulfill my idea to be a creator ” said Inafilah and she immediately registered to join ESMOD Jakarta as a student.

Like Inafilah, a mom, named Hana, who attended the event with her daughter, mentioned that she was really  glad to come to ESMOD Jakarta because her daughter is so passionate about fashion design.

“We are so excited today because we now know about ESMOD Jakarta. My daughter is in the 3rd grade at High School and wants to join ESMOD Jakarta to explore her passion for fashion and design and love  for drawing and sewing,” said Hana.

If anyone who visited our event wants to know more about ESMOD Jakarta or would like  to register as a student, you could contact us by click here as ESMOD Jakarta is still open or registration until  August 15, 2019.