ESMOD Jakarta Looking for New Talents in Surabaya

October 25

ESMOD Jakarta, fashion design and business school with more than 23 years experience, held a roadshow in Surabaya from 17-20 October, 2019. ESMOD Jakarta in its search for new young and talented designers chose Surabaya as the first destination to get new talent. Through the “HELLO CAMPUS” event which was held by Jawa Pos, ESMOD Jakarta presented several sessions at Tunjungan Plaza 3 Convention Hall.

A booth was set up where visitors could get more info about ESMOD Jakarta. On October 18, 2019, a workshop was conducted presenting a demonstration by  Patrice Desilles – the Academic Program Manager to teachers from several schools in Surabaya to make Sunburst-Pleat Dress using molding technique. In the next session, Patrice guided the audience to create tote bags from t-shirts.

Patrice also spoke at the sharing session giving tips on how to choose one’s subject according to individuals interest in fashion. The other speakers were Dr. Nur Ainy Fardana M.Si., Ryan Adi Djauhari, Dra. Ety Prameswari and the subjects included communications, psychology and literature.

ESMOD Jakarta is a reputed fashion school and we have several well-known alumni like Dian Pelangi, Sapto Djojokartiko, Hian Tjen, Ria Miranda, Mel Ahyar, the late Dynand Fariz and many more. On October 19, ESMOD Jakarta showcased the young and talented designers collections from “Class of 2018 & 2019”. This was a good opportunity for fashion enthusiast in Surabaya to get an idea of our students collections.

ESMOD Jakarta plans to have roadshows not only in Surabaya but in other cities too. To know more about the ESMOD Jakarta roadshows,  follow us on Instagram and Twitter @esmodjakarta or contact us here!