ESMOD Jakarta in MGBK DKI Jakarta Career Day 2020: Make Your Own Fashion Creation!

January 20

ESMOD Jakarta participated in MGBK DKI Jakarta Career Day on January 14-16th, 2020, ESMOD Jakarta presented a pop-up booth, where visitors had the opportunity to ask directly about ESMOD Jakarta program to the ESMOD Jakarta School Ambassador. Not only as a place to find out more about ESMOD Jakarta, visitors also had the opportunity to join in several workshops at the ESMOD Jakarta’s booth that held for three days. Started by “Live Drawing Workshop”, which is making body sketches that giving workshop participants knowledge about how to draw sketches. The participants looked serious during the workshop session which was guided by teacher from ESMOD Jakarta. ESMOD Jakarta also held “Upcycling Workshop”, which are taken in 2 sessions every day. This workshop invited the participants to make a tote bag from t-shirt that is not used, this is a new innovation to save the environment, because the tote bag can be used as a multi-function bag. Not only activities at the booth, ESMOD Jakarta became the only school that held a fashion show at the opening of MGBK DKI Jakarta Career Day 2020. By bringing 15 collections from alumnae from class of 2017-2019, the fashion show successfully got attention from visitors. In various events, ESMOD Jakarta always present new creation, not only from students but also from participants who joined, because ESMOD Jakarta believes that everyone can make their best work. If you want to participate in the next ESMOD Jakarta events, find the information on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ESMOD Jakarta.