ESMOD JAKARTA Course: Make Your Own Wrap Dress

August 07

Two workshops entitled Make your Own Wrap Dress were held last week, one at ESMOD Jakarta Creative Hub, Tangerang on July 30-31, 2019 and the other at ESMOD Jakarta Course Centre, Kemang on  August 1-2, 2019.  At the workshop, participants learnt how to sew their own wrap dress. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Sherly Priscilia – ESMOD Jakarta Alumni 2012 who specialized in women’s wear.

The most important feature for making a dress is to know how to measure the body to get the perfect fit. One also needs to learn the sewing techniques to make the dress look shapely and  good. Besides this, it is very important that the dress should be comfortable to wear. For those interested in learning more about dress making do join the courses or workshops held at Esmod Jakarta periodically  to improve  your skill.

The participants were very appreciative during this activity, as Ms. Sherly not only explained the sewing techniques but also helped the participants herself. Ms. Sherly in addition gave tips to them  about pattern cutting. The participants looked so pleased and seemed to enjoy the session.

If anyone is interested in joining a similar workshop or short course at ESMOD Jakarta, do contact the ESMOD Jakarta Course Centre to get more information about fashion courses offered and the various skills one can learn. Do contact ESMOD Jakarta Course Centre right away at 021-7181288 or WA 08588700455. You can also send an e-mail to to get more information about ESMOD Jakarta courses.