ESMOD Jakarta Alumnae Contribution in Developing Indonesian Culture in Fashion

August 16

ESMOD Jakarta was established in 1996, has contributed a great deal to the development of fashion in Indonesia by nurturing young and talented designers. The proof of ESMOD Jakarta’s achievement can be seen from the collections of its reputable alumni.

These alumni are not only well known in Indonesia, but also internationally. ESMOD Jakarta alumni expose the culture of Indonesia in their creations. You can see below the collections of successful ESMOD Jakarta Alumnae whose work has exposed the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia in fashion shows.

      1.Kleting Titis Wigati

Kleting is ESMOD Jakarta Alumna from the class of 2001. She was awarded  the Best Design and Interpretation from ESMOD Jakarta. Kleting has built her own Ready-To-Wear label, called KLE and created collections which are a great success.

In 2017, Kleting introduced her ready to wear collections at the Karya Kreatif Indonesia  fashion show. Kleting used Songket Deli fabrics from Sumatera Utara in her creations with a touch of earthy colors.

      2.Savira Lavinia 

Savira Lavinia, an ESMOD Jakarta alumna from Fashion Design & Creation class of 2013, with her brand Sav Lavin, brought Tenun Fabrics in her ready-to-wear collections in Los Angeles Fashion Week 2018. Savira also used sustainable material in her collections, like Tencel fabrics and cellulose from wood as her dedication to Indonesian culture and handcrafts.

     3. Khanaan Shamlan

Khanaan Shamlan is ESMOD Jakarta Alumna from the class of 2012. Khanaan combined Batik for her modest collection to make it affordable for Indonesian youth. Khanaan said she wants to make Batik look stylish in modest wear.

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