November 26

What is Visual Merchandising? It is the art of attracting, engaging and motivating the customer to make a purchase, and to increase sales.   What will it involve? You will have an opportunity to create attractive visual displays in retail outlets. You can use your creativity to enhance window displays, walkways, counters and reflect festive or seasonal changes.   About Visual Merchandising:   Requirement: For a career in visual merchandising you need a degree or diploma in subjects like graphic design, fine art, interior design, business studies and retail management. Having an internship in these areas will be helpful.   Your Job: As a visual merchandiser you will be required to create dis Sketches of visual displays based on client requirement. You may be required to actively set up displays or supervise staff to set up your own creative design. You will also need to ensure the uniformity of displays covering multiple store locations.   During the course of your work, you will frequently liaise with other retail professionals, such as buyers, marketing executives and retail merchandisers, to make sure each and every store has the right set up and offer high quality and innovative services to a range of different clients.   Remuneration: Attractive offers dependant on your position. Experienced professionals are employed as senior level managers by national and international retailers. As an Assistant Visual Merchandiser you could work under supervision, learn the trade and also branch out on your own.   Esmod Jakarta’s International Fashion Business Program will be your stepping stone to Visual Merchandising.   For more details please contact us at: Email: | Phone: 021-7659182 | WA: 0878 89999181