article by KOOL KOMMENTS in news - August 20

Dijah graduated in 2014 in fashion design and creation from esmod jakarta , took a break for a year and then went on to get a master of design degree from the institute of technology bandung( itb) – a collaboration between ESMOD Jakarta and ITB. This enterprising young graduate from ESMOD worked hard and is the creator of a new product – “biocouture’ – a bacteria combined with yeast. “ symbiotic colony of bateria and yeast”- scoby for short, resembles leather but is not leather and is known as bio leather.

Dijah was inspired by Susan Lee – the founder of bio couture. Her success story reminds one of what Edison said ‘”genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration.” yes, it was not easy – she spent many hours patiently, sometimes frustrated sometimes happy to develop her motifs, texture and colors. It was a case of trial and error till she struck upon the right formula to create her product. She developed her motifs by using berries, kiwi, dragon fruit and the like.

Dijah said her product could be used for clothing like jackets , but she personally would like to concentrate on the production of accessories like bags, purses, watch straps etc.

What are Dijah’s plans for the future… her contributiion was so impressive that she has immediately been offered a position in the itb faculty. She is now a part time teacher of design. Should be want to continue to complete her phd she would probably qualify for a scholarship. Eventually she aspires to be a fashion design consultant. She would love to keep creating newer designs and unique motifs. The sky is the limit for her.

Hearty congratulations dijah from us all at ESMOD and we wish you a great future. We are truly proud of your achievement

Dijah is really an inspiration to all those who want to further their creative talent. To those who have graduated at ESMOD Jakarta and to other students from any fashion school in Jakarta or elsewhere – you may contact us at 7659181/82 to learn more about how you can avail of a great opportunity that lies ahead – do not miss it..

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