A Glimpse of ESMOD Jakarta’s Jury Day 19/20 : Fashion Power of the Young and Talented Students

February 06

Learning about fashion at ESMOD Jakarta is not only about making designs, but also designing concepts and strategies to add value to the designs that have been made. For this reason, ESMOD Jakarta held a Pre-Jury (Jury Day) event as a way for students to showcase the fashion concepts they had made.

As seen in the One Year Jury Day Program held on December 19 at the Multi-Function Room ESMOD Jakarta, 9 students from the January 19/20 One Year Program presented their work before the Jury consisting of Sarah Beatrice (Creative Director Sarah Beatrice Artisan), Eridani (ESMOD Jakarta Alumni and Creative Director Eridani), Liza Masitha (Creative Director Danjyo Hiyoji), and Novrizal Ilyas Sani (Head of Marcom & PR ESMOD Jakarta).

Not only the One Year Program, but  students from 3 Year International Fashion Business and 3 Year Fashion Design & Creation ESMOD Jakarta also participated in the Pre-Jury on January 07-08, 2020. The students presented the concepts of the projects they were going to make in front of the Jury consisting of  experienced teachers from ESMOD Jakarta.

Pre-Jury events are proof of ESMOD Jakarta’s consistency in producing quality graduates and train students to produce unique work that will later lead them to become professional fashion activists. If you are interested to know more about ESMOD Jakarta, let’s join our Open House this February. For more info, follow ESMOD Jakarta social media or click here!