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Our History

ESMOD, the world's first fashion school, has a history deeply rooted in innovation and creativity. Established by Alexis Lavigne in 1841, ESMOD holds the distinction of being the birthplace of several patented design methods. Lavigne's vision and pioneering spirit led to the creation of a unique institution that would revolutionize the world of fashion education.

Alexis Lavigne, a renowned inventor, is credited with the creation of the mannequin and the supple measuring tape. His inventions revolutionized the way garments were designed and tailored. By providing precise measurements and a three-dimensional representation of the human body, the mannequin allowed designers to experiment and perfect their designs in ways previously unimaginable. This innovation was a significant milestone in the history of fashion.

In 1841, inspired by his inventions and a deep passion for fashion, Lavigne founded ESMOD, marking the beginning of a new era in fashion education. ESMOD was not only the world's first fashion school but also the incubator for various patented design methods that would set new standards in the fashion industry.

ESMOD's commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion education has endured through the years. The institution's unique approach to teaching fashion design, blending tradition with innovation, has consistently produced talented designers who have made significant contributions to the fashion world. ESMOD's legacy as a pioneer in fashion education remains unrivalled.

Today, ESMOD continues to be a global leader in fashion education, with a network of institutions in several countries. It retains its commitment to excellence and innovative teaching methods, empowering a new generation of designers to shape the future of fashion. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques inherited from Alexis Lavigne's pioneering spirit defines ESMOD's approach to fashion education, making it a symbol of creativity and excellence in the world of fashion."


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